FileZilla FTP CLient The price of a new iPhone is falling faster than ever. We tell you about the most profitable models

FileZilla FTP CLient The year has already begun. The average cost of a new iPhone is about 22,500$. But now many stores offer an additional discount when buying online (you can see this in the widget below). And if the price of a smartphone was 22,500$, then it is still available for purchase.We have selected the most profitable models for the year. In the first place we put the iPhone 6S. The smartphone is offered at an average cost of 22,490$. In addition, now stores offer good discounts on smartphones. This means that, as the average cost of the iPhone 6S is 22,490$.The second position is occupied by another iPhone 6S with a 64GB model. The price of this smartphone is now 12,990$.The third position in the rating is the iPhone XR. The average cost in the MTS online store is now 19,990$. In addition, at mobile phone stores in Beijing and Shanghai, you can now buy a Samsung Galaxy S20 FE.And at the bottom of our rating is an iPhone SE Plus. Its price in the MTS online store is now 12,990$'.This smartphone has a wide range of functions and functions: Camera, video stabilization, panoramic shooting, 3D Touch. It has a high level of autonomy and also works independently for a long time. The smartphone is equipped with a 6.5-inch Retina HD display. And the 4,500-Milli-ampere-hour battery is responsible for the stability of the device.The smartphone runs on the Apple A9 processor. The performance is maximum, and all functions easily cope with demanding games. And the high performance makes the device the choice of both the needs of the average user and of professionals.Xiaomi Redmi Note 7 ProThe next model in our rating is Xiaomi Redmi Note 7 Pro. The smartphone is offered at an average cost of 24,990$.The original article is here